The Imagine Society


Established March 2020

A 100% youth-led monthly publication supporting the voices of young people from diverse backgrounds across the country and globe, focusing on service and social justice. Our young contributors show us a vision of a more just and equitable society and share it with the world.

Originally created by The Imagine Society out of necessity during the early days of the pandemic in place of our in-person events that gave youth leaders space to develop original ideas, create artistic expressions, and exchange dialogue with new and different friends, The Imagine Society Newsletter has grown in its intentions -- starting as a place for high school age students to show the range of their ambitions and imaginations, and blooming into essays on the important issues of society. Drawing inspiration from historical social justice warriors and learning from the past to improve the future. The Imagine Society Newsletter tackles topics these students will soon have to address as young voters. The youth editorial staff doors are open to students from all walks of life to demonstrate their imagination, research power, and issues that will frame their future and ours.

Our Newsletter is a safe and free place that nurtures young people to become civic-minded and socially conscious adults.

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