The Imagine Society

Quotes about The Imagine Society

These are our future leaders! They were galvanized into action due to the inspirational evening that Imagine Society hosted yesterday. Kudos to your initiative and hard work!

- Sahar Husain & Sanober Khan, Founding Board Members at Muslim Volunteers for New York

You did a masterful job of balancing the brainstorming session with sheer fun.

-Theresa Lymbery, Educator, St. Ignatius Loyola

Being a part of The Imagine Society enables me to branch out to other social circles to build future relationships and to get a chance to advocate for change on injustices close to our hearts.

– Ella (16)

The event made me feel like I can get my voice out.

– Silvio (15)

It was great connecting with everyone. Leading a large group helped me understand different people’s perspective.

– Joe (14)

The ideas that we discussed at the event about making a better future helped me feel more positive about my life and my spiritual journey.

– Lily (15)

In my time at The Imagine Society, I was able to lead a group where I was able to meet people from all over and from different communities, and become really good friends with them.

– Marre (14)

Leading a small group of my peers made me feel brave, but I also learned a lot from them.

– Jack (12)

The Imagine Society opened doors for me spiritually and socially, and I learned how to become a better leader and a better member of society.

– Nellie (13)

There was no labeling and no judgement.

– Zaylen (12)

In The Imagine Society, I learned how to be more spiritual and I made more friends from different places.

– JT (12)