The Imagine Society

Calculator Drive!


In September 2021 we kicked off our #WeCanCountOnEachOther campaign where we began raising funds to provide 50 scientific calculators to the students in need attending the Henry Street Settlement Education Program in downtown New York City.


Our Imagine Youth in New York City and beyond quickly got to work inventing slogans, memes, songs, and artwork – all to put together a highly creative campaign. We even had students fundraise at their own schools! The fall fundraiser, which was timed with Back-To-School season, saw our Imagine Kids putting the spotlight on supporting Equality and Equity in Education, especially in the fields of math and science. Seeing the Imagine Kids lead with compassion for their peer community was an inspiration to so many in our organization and helped make this initiative such a success!


On October 1st, The Imagine Society hit our fundraising goal of $5000 with the heartfelt service of our Imagine Kids and incredibly generous donations from The Imagine Society community! After getting help from Texas Instruments Education, we connected with Underwood Distribution, an incredible resource for Education Calculators, and the CEO Miles Underwood gave us an amazing deal! We purchased the 50 TI-84+ graphing calculators we needed with his invaluable help!

The Imagine Society went to the Henry Street Settlement on October 15th, and had the pleasure of meeting Deanna Sorge, the phenomenal Volunteer Coordinator. We donated the calculators, had a wonderful and informative tour of the Henry Street facilities, and met some amazing people who are dedicated to servicing and helping the underserved communities in downtown New York City. It was an absolutely inspiring day! Ms. Sorge informed us that the calculator donation would be going directly to the Henry Street Urban Family Center which services 84 unhoused families. These unhoused young people at the center will be able to continue learning math, science, and achieving academic success with these calculators!

The history of Henry Street and the legacy of Founder Lillian Wald is a very important part of our city’s history. In 1894 Lillian Wald started Henry Street with the goal of providing social services to children and families in need in the Lower East Side, and that advocacy continues to this very day! We are honored that this calculator donation is going to the unhoused young people at the Urban Family Center.

Thank you to the inspired Imagine Kids and all our incredibly generous donors that gave so compassionately of their time and resources to support New York City students in need!

Check out on this page some of the hard work and exciting artwork our Youth Community put together to create this highly successful fall initiative!

Stay tuned to our stories and posts for even more ways that The Imagine Society makes DREAMS into reality!