The Imagine Society

The Imagine Sewing Angels

Imagine Teen Leader, Alessia Turner has started the group “Imagine Sewing Angels” (#ImagineSewingAngels), inspired by the organization

This summer, Alessia has sewn over 150 beautiful masks that are individually wrapped and exquisitely packaged and have an include personalized message of love, The masks are then blessed by a priest or deacon before they are donated to those in need. Recently 60 of Alessia masks were gifted to the recipients of groceries at the Ascension Food Panty, and a large donation is underway for the residents of Terrance Cardinal Cook ArchCare residence in New York City. Alessia has taken a leadership position in this endeavor but needs your help! If you would like to join the Sewing Angels, please email us at, Subject: “Sewing Angels” Alessia is seen in the demo video below to show you how fun and easy it is to be part of her sewing squad!



In addition to connecting hospitals with approved medical grade masks, The Imagine Society teen members are launching an initiative to partner with other organizations and sew their own masks to wear themselves, and to distribute to shelters, pantries and delivery people.

Margot Lymbery (Brearley ’24) spent spring break sewing masks for Stitch Room. Masks are donated to hospitals for use in lower-risk patient care situations allowing N95 masks to be more readily available for high-risk care situations. Margot’s masks were shipped to a hospital in Abita Springs, LA.

Recently we partnered with PJ McGuire of @TheWrapperoo. Thanks to Advisory Board Member Marina Franklin and Teen leader Lucy Greer, we were able to facilitate a donation of 50 masks to Calvary Hospital which specializes in hospice care and another donation of 100 masks to Einstein College of Medicine’s @boldlivingprogram. Then we used the funds we raised to support Wrapperoo by purchasing 100 additional gorgeous soft reusable masks for the residents of ArchCare at Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center. The Imagine Society is proud to #supportblackbusinesses

Meanwhile Imagine Club member/Warrior Sabrina Turner (16) has filmed a demo of how you can quickly make your own mask as part of our #MasksAreCool initiative. See below and also in our Instagram feed @TheImagineSociety.