The Imagine Society


Welcome to The Imagine Society

Where young leaders work with adult mentors to help make the world a better place. We invite you to join is on our mission of service.


About the Imagine Society

We seek to bring youth service groups together in a safe, fun online environment where they can explore the world and their values through arts and culture. Together they share ideas and plans to better their communities, and through thoughtful dialogue, challenge themselves and each other intellectually, artistically and spiritually to create positive change.

The Imagine Society hosts several ongoing service projects to support hospitals, nursing homes, essential workers, food pantries and shelters for New Yorkers experiencing homelessness. We publish a newsletter where teens have a safe outlet to express their thoughts, feelings and service accomplishments through art, essays and photography.

Our mission is to cultivate leadership in our diverse youth groups and youth members and help them consider how to create meaningful change as our gifted young people help us imagine what a better society can be.